My Cruelty Free Favorites

The brands shown here are favorites of mine that are Cruelty-Free, however, a couple may be owned by a parent company that is not Cruelty-Free but the brand I use is. I do hope one day very soon all the parent companies become Cruelty-Free though and I hope by supporting a brand that is that the parent company will take the hint so to speak about being Cruelty-Free. Though we are not a Vegan family, this is just a personal choice I've made for the family to buy and use Cruelty-Free, Beauty, Skincare and Cleaning products, however, I am often on the lookout for more things to swap out from non-Cruelty Free to Cruelty-Free, especially in the hair care and personal care items.

Sometimes, I am sent products for review that are NOT Cruelty-Free, but I always reach out to the company and express that I hope they consider being Cruelty-Free and at times the companies are working on it. I am known for also making the point that I wish they are Cruelty-Free in my reviews on their own websites and where sold.

***Please note I am NOT a representative of these companies, these are just personal favorites we use in our household if a brand has sent a product for review, it will be noted otherwise we purchased these items on our own.

Beauty and Skin Care:

Sigma Beauty

Tarte Cosmetics

Marc Jacobs Beauty (Not fragrance as Fragrance is NOT Cruelty-Free, but Beauty is!)

Too Faced Cosmetics

Bite Beauty

Shea Moisture

Nail Color:

Personal Care:

Hair Care

Cleaning Products

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