My Cruelty Free Favorites

The brands shown here are favorites of mine that are Cruelty-Free, however, a couple may be owned by a parent company that is not Cruelty-Free but the brand I use is. I do hope one day very soon all the parent companies become Cruelty-Free though and I hope by supporting a brand that is that the parent company will take the hint so to speak about being Cruelty-Free. Though we are not a Vegan family, this is just a personal choice I've made for the family to buy and use Cruelty-Free, Beauty, Skincare and Cleaning products, however, I am often on the lookout for more things to swap out from non-Cruelty Free to Cruelty-Free, especially in the hair care and personal care items.

Sometimes, I am sent products for review that are NOT Cruelty-Free, but I always reach out to the company and express that I hope they consider being Cruelty-Free and at times the companies are working on it. I am known for also making the point that I wish they are Cruelty-Free in my reviews on their own websites and where sold.

***Please note I am NOT a representative of these companies, these are just personal favorites we use in our household if a brand has sent a product for review, it will be noted otherwise we purchased these items on our own.

Beauty and Skin Care:


Derma e

E.L.F. Cosmetics

Eco Tools

the Balm

Sigma Beauty

Urban Decay

Tarte Cosmetics

Marc Jacobs Beauty (Not fragrance as Fragrance is NOT Cruelty-Free, but Beauty is!)

Bite Beauty




100% Pure

Hair Care:

Shea Moisture




Living Proof

Nail Color:

Spa Ritual


Wet N Wild


Mineral Fusion

Marc Jacobs Beauty

the Balm

Manic Panic

Obsessive Compulsive




ella + mila

Debborah Lipmann

Personal Care:

Lola Feminine Care

Everyone Lotion

Beauty Without Cruelty

Josie Maran


Every Man Jack

Cleaning Products

Mrs Meyers

ECOS Laundry

ECOS Household Cleaners

Mrs Meyers Laundry Products

Mrs Meyers Household Sprays and Cleansers

Wool Balls


Cruelty-Free Subscription Boxes:

My all time fav is Vegan Cuts Beauty and Vegan Cuts Snack


Cruelty-Free Beauty Box

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  1. slowlyt the list is growing...... someday maybe no need for a list

  2. always like to check the list and see who people have added.... there are more and more companies all the time

  3. This was really informative. It's great to know that there are brands and products that are cruelty free!

    1. Thank you Natalie, I try to add more as I can. Sadly sometimes companies fall off the list that I had planned to add. All of these I and we use, some I've used for years, thankfully they remain Cruelty-Free.

  4. Great information to have! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you all for stopping by I appreciate it. Do you all have any Cruelty-Free brand favorites I should try?