Sophie's Pet Chat and Pet Product Reviews

I'm the pack mama, whether it be our rescues (dogs and kitties) or our fosters Sophie the head of the pack and has been for 7 years now, even though our little 5 lb thinks she's the head of the pack, lol.

Sophie was a Puppy Mill rescue, she is a mama's girl, she's a 53 lb lap dog, a silly pup at times, and a DIVA I mean an Alpha when she wants to be. Sophie loves to smell flowers in the Spring, play the Kiddie Pool in the Summer, and making Snow Angels in the Winter.

Sophie and our pup furbies range in age from 8 months to 8 yrs from 5 lbs to 113 lbs, with the pack we have they have opinions and make great product testers. Here Sophie will share her favorite places to shop, as well as the favorite products of her, and the rest of the furbies love.

 Doctors Foster and Smith

Dog Is Good


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