HoneyCat Cosmetics Gift Bundle Giveaway

HoneyCat Cosmetics Gift Bundle Giveaway

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HoneyCat Cosmetics

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2/22  12am ~ 3/8 11:59pm
The prize has been hand-picked by HoneyCat Cosmetics for Amy & Aron's Real Life Reviews Readers!!  YAY

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Sorry, I'm Behind on Comments

I'm sorry everyone, I'm behind on comments :( 

It's been a crazy few weeks and I also had an overwhelming response to my newest blog I've Been Waiting On You, both good and sadly several bad (which I ended up having to block, ugh) 

I hope to be all caught up on them soon and I truly appreciate your comments and support.

Thank you, xo


Some Updates and 15 Questions

Hi there, thank you for stopping by I appreciate your time and support.

Wow, it's been a busy and crazy 2 weeks, which is why I haven't been around much and can you believe we are almost in March already??? OMGGGGGGG, lol! I have some updates for you and a fun 15 questions at the end of today's post which I hope you enjoy.

Ok, well you might have seen some changes here and there, that's because I am giving this blog a much-needed facelift so to speak and the updated version should be up by early next week, though I hope sooner. I've have been working on the other two blogs as well so there will be some new posts and updates to them as well:

I've Been Waiting On You

Pawsitively Home

And you can still find me at:

Twitter: @Onwildwingz

Pinterest: onwildwings 

Instagram: onwildwings

Tumblr:  Missy'sViews

I have a few recipes to share soon as well as some product reviews coming up on the blog too as well as some new features that if they are a hit with you all I'll make them regular features, plus I am going to try and have more giveaways listed whether it be mine or co-hosted (Big thanks to the great bloggers I've been Co-Hosting with lately)

As you know we are not a Vegan family, however, I do consider myself a part-time vegetarian so I do plan on bringing back "Meatless Monday" posts even though one marketing company told me to get rid of it, but I know it's something I as well as you all seem to enjoy and I also plan on going back to swatching items in my beauty hauls or subscription boxes, especially if they are Cruelty-Free.

As you all know not all of my posts will be sponsored posts and if they are I will say they are, but most are simply products or services I or we use and purchase with our own money. I do try and be fair with my reviews, however, I will be honest, just because it is a no go for me, doesn't mean it won't be amazing for you. My thoughts and opinions are my own and based on my or our experience.

I'll also be posting some updates soon on my 2017 Goals and how I am doing with them so far.

Ok, now time for 15 Questions!! :)

As you all know I'm a bit of a foodie! lol I have always loved to cook, holiday bake, even bake my own bread so I figured a foodie 15 Questions would be a great start for 15 Questions.

This Foodie's Favorites, aka 15 Foodie Questions:

1) Spices: Garlic, Ginger, Cinnamon, Smoked Paprika are my go to's

2) Dish: Italian: Lasagna of some sort. Mexican: I luv Mole, so Mole Chicken, Shrimp or Fish Tacos. Japanese: Maki, Miso Soup as well as Nigiri Sushi. Chinese: Sorry can't choose. Indian Food: Tandoori Chicken or Shrimp and Vegetable Somosas. Thai: Fresh Spring Rolls and Pad Thai. Hawaiian: Lomi Salmon, Kahlua Pork and Spam Musubi (Hey it's Poylenisian thing, lol)

3) Dessert: Banana Fosters is my ultimate, however, I really like Cupcakes, Tiramisu, Creme Broulet as well as something that's Chocolate! lol

4) Sauce: I really enjoy using Balsamic glazes as well as Hoisin, Peanut Butter, and Coconut Amino's

5) Meat: Honestly I can take or leave it, but I really like Turkey as well as Chicken if I'm cooking with meat, but I do enjoy Bacon as well as a good Steak from time to time as well.

6) Seafood or Shellfish: Honestly I really like Shellfish as well as several types of fish. Trout, Salmon, Flounder are a few of my favs. As far as Shellfish, pretty much all, except Crawdads as I never really got into those and I luv Lobster! lol

7) Breakfast meal: Oatmeal, Hot or Overnight, Pancakes (homemade), Egg Scrambles. Restaurant Breakfast: Eggs Benedict, or Biscuits and Gravy with a side of Grits.

8) Breakfast go-to: Overnight Oats, Yogurt Bowl, English Muffin with Peanut Butter or Hot Oatmeal

9) Quick Breakfast: Protein Shakes or Smoothies (Homemade)

10) Lunch: Something with Avacado, a Salad or leftover roasted vegetables and rice.

11) Salad: Crab or Shrimp Louis, Cobb or Spinach.

12) Appetizer: Deviled Eggs (I know several ways to make them and they are always a hit) My Chili dip or Garlic dip, Prosciutto and Melon, Baked Brie, Roasted Scallops or Oysters.

13) Vegetable or Vegetables: Corn, Zuccini, Spaghetti Squash, Delacata Squash, or Roasted Brussell Sprouts.

14) Last thing I baked: Cranberry Orange Muffins

15) Last dinner I made: Roasted Turkey Tenderloin

If you have any ideas for 15 Questions that you'd like to see let me know. What are some of your Foodie Favs?

Thanks again for stopping by and have a great week!


Libre Tea Glass Giveaway

Libre Glass Infusers Giveaway US #Libre Ends 3/7

Do you like to enjoy Match, Herbal, Tea of any kind or even Infused Water on the go?  Libre Glass Infusers are a great way to do that.  They feature a glass interior, are double walled and BPA free! 

Libre Tea Glass Giveaway
Oh My Heartsie Girls is hosting the Libre Glass Infuser Giveaway #LibreTea. The Libre Tea Glass Infusers make
it super easy to brew your favorite tea in one of their tall glasses or a Classic Mug and is great for Hot or Iced Tea.

Hosted By: Oh My Heartsie Girl

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Thank you to all the bloggers that helped share the Blogger Opp.
For the Giveaway, One (1) winner will have their choice of a Libre Tea Glass
Value up to $30.00

Hope You Will Check Out Libre Tea Glass On Facebook
Or Visit at Libre Tea Online to Find Choices
You Can Also Find Some Wonderful Photos On Libre Tea on Instagram

Oh My Heartsie Girl  was not compensated for this giveaway, I only received a Tea Glass for a review.

Once a winner is verified the Tea Glass Company will ship their choice of glass directly to the winner.

No other blogger is associated with this Libre Tea Glass giveaway or responsible for the shipment of the prize.

If you have any questions please contact Oh My Heartsie Girl Here

Thank you for participating in the Libre Tea Glass Giveaway.
Hope you will take time to leave a comment below!

My Feb VeganCuts Beauty Subscription Box!

Yeah, my Feb #vegancutsbeautybox is here!! Even better than my first box in Jan! #veganbeauty #crueltyfree

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Blogger Opp: HoneyCat Cosmetics Giveaway

Blogger Opp: HoneyCat Cosmetics Giveaway

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1 Winner
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Giveaway Date
2/22 to 3/08
Open to US
 Giveaway will be 2 weeks long. Make sure if you are purchasing links they will be valid that long. We don't want blank entries.

The prize has been hand-picked by HoneyCat Cosmetics for Amy & Aron's Real Life Reviews Readers!!  YAY

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Libre Glass Giveaway Blogger Opp~#Free With Posting The Opp

The Libre Tea Glasses are perfect for brewing tea , infused water and come in mugs or tall glass.This is free blogger opp when you sign up to promote today!
You can read my review HERE and see  why I am so excited to share this giveaway with everyone.

Libre Glass Giveaway

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