Things That Have Made My Shopping For Eco Friendly, Green, and Cruelty-Free Products Easier

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Hi Everyone,

Navigating through the world of  "Cruelty-Free", "Eco-Friendly", "Green" Beauty or Personal Care or Household Products,  "Organic" or even "Vegan Beauty or Personal Care" Can be confusing, at times even downright frustrating!  Believe me, I know as I have been "Cruelty-Free" and fairly "Eco-Friendly" in my Beauty, Personal Care, and even Household goods for years and I still get stumped or frustrated.

Over the years I have been shocked at how many things are labeled with cool names or terms, that would make them seem totally safe and healthy for us, our families, pets and the environment and you'd be surprised how many are not.

One thing I find shocking is why the items that are truly in these categories, they often are more expensive. 

Another thing, there are things in our lives, I think many of us just assume, because of the type of product that they are, that, of course, is "Eco-Friendly or Non-Toxic"  Things like Mattresses, Interior Paint, Carpet or other Flooring, Cookware, FoodStorage, Makeup, Skincare, Feminine Care items, Diapers, Personal Care items.

Sadly just because a brand may use some form or "Organic" or "Green" in its name or product description, doesn't actually mean it really is and if you're not confused yet, well there is more!  lol

Plus, if something claims it's "natural" doesn't mean it is 100%  Natural or Cruelty-Free or Not Tested on Animals or Vegan or Green or even Eco-Friendly or Non-Toxic" even! 

I have seen some products that the brand merely use modified versions these terms in their product name, brand name or even product description, but really weren't as you think they would be because of this description so it can be misleading!

Some brands are Cruelty-Free here in the US or even around the world, but in mainland China they aren't and they do in fact test on animals or some brands, like sometimes seen in beauty brands the makeup or skincare line is Cruelty-Free, but the fragrance isn't and this is often because the use of the brands name was sold or rights are given to a company that doesn't share the same views as far as Cruelty-Free or Animal Testing.

I have also learned just because a beauty or skincare brand is "Vegan" it often doesn't mean it is also "Non-Toxic" and to make this all worse, companies that once were Eco-Friendly or Cruelty-Free, sometimes sells the company and well are no longer what they once were.

Here I'm going share the sites I often look to for guidance on a product or brand as well as symbols I look for on a product.

Websites I often look too:

Cruelty-Free Kitty

Other sites looked to for product or brand guidance:

Favorite Vegan Vlogger:

Vegan and Cruelty-Free Subscription Boxes that I've tried or subscribe to:

Feminine Care Products:

Skin Care:


Nail Products:

Hair Care:


Men's Products:

Pet Products:

Household Cleaners:

Laundry Products:

Floor Care:




Carpet and Flooring:

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