Tonights Sun Basket Dinner

Another great box arrived this week from Sun Basket, this week’s recipes are Almond-crusted Fish with Chermoula, and Lemon-Cucumber Olive Salad, which we had last night, however husband started eating even before I was able to snap pictures :( (wah, wah, wah...) Tonight’s yummy meal was Polenta with Mascarpone, Summer Greens and Portobello Mushrooms, and tomorrow night is Ricotta-Stuffed Chicken with Panzanella. Yesterday’s meal of Almond-crusted Fish with Chermoula and Lemon-Cucumber Olive Salad, was a great mix of flavors that was savory, which made for a great summer time meal. The only part of the meal that was the Radish Sprouts, though normally we enjoy sprouts, they just seemed a little out of place here, there was so many other great flavors going on, they really seemed more of a garnish. Tonight’s meal was Polenta with Mascarpone, Summer Greens and Portobello Mushrooms was so yummy! The Polenta, the Chard, the Portobello’s, the Shallots, Garlic, and the CHEESE :) Mascarpone and Parmesan!! All came together as this flavorful, creamy, cheesy, savory bowl of yumminess! Are you looking to try Sun Basket for yourself? Well you can get $20.00 off your first Sun Basket by clicking: