Nov. 2,2015 Hi everyone, Hope you all had a safe, fun and Happy Halloween. It was great here, I gave our goodie bags this year instead of just handfuls of candy, which made things so much easier and I believe the element of surprise was something the neighborhood kids really enjoyed since they seemed really excited to get one! Lol We live in WA, so you just never know what weather is going to be like this time of year, could be rain, could just be cold or could be snow, thankfully it was rain, though heavy at times it never bothers the parents or the kids, just part of life here in the Pacific Northwest. Even though it has been raining a lot this past weekend, as this Monday afternoon is started everything is glistening, fresh again and it is a lovely fall afternoon, hope your day is lovely as well. Ok, on to business, so to speak... As you know the blog is getting revamped a bit over this next week. I have a lot of great reviews to share, links to post, savings ideas and more, though this blog was started as more of “ways to save” blog, I just can’t help make it more of a family/ Foodie/lifestyle/Pets/Pet Product Reviews/Product Reviews/Savings site, so I guess you can say it just won’t fit into one category. These are all areas that are a big part of my life. So thank you for being a part of all this, may you and yours have a wonderful day. Missy