My Review of the Murad 90-Day Lightening Regimen

Thanks to @BeautyStat and @Freebies4mom In February I was selected to try a part of the Murad 90 Day Rapid Lightening Regimen #LiveSpotless, the 1st step in this kit was a cleanser; Murad’s Essential-C Cleanser that features a rich, but not at all overly frothy foam. The 2nd step of the system is this amazing product Murad Rapid Age Spot and Lightening Serum. Rarely am I surprised about a skincare product, but I saw results in the first night of use and amazing results in just 10 days!! Last but not least in this kit was a really nice moisturizer; Essential-C Moisture Broad Spectrum SPF 30 with an amazing citrus scent, that goes on and absorbs beautifully, plus features and SPF 30 Now for a little background on me; I’m 45 yrs., I have dry, yet sensitive skin and though I do not have age spots, I do have some acne discoloration as I breakout once a month, plus I haven’t been happy with my skins texture in over a year! As you can see in my before and after pics there is a huge difference in just 10 days of use, plus I never once had stinging or irritation as I often due with other skincare products. So as you can see I am pretty happy with the products and the results as my discoloration has gone from a 5-6 to a 1-2 on the Murad discoloration scale was provided in just 10-days, plus I've seen a huge change in the texture, as well as radiance of my skin. Murad was founded by board-certified dermatologist, trained pharmacist and pioneer of the Inclusive Health movement, Dr. Howard Murad, and is dedicated to making beautiful, healthy skin attainable for everyone 90-Day Rapid Lightening Regimen product Rapid Lightening Regimen information I Received this Murad skin care kit from BeautyStat #FreeForReview for trial and honest review. *****Though I was provided this product for a review, my thoughts and opinions are my own. I’ve done secret shopping, product testing as well as reviews for over 15 years and I will NOT give anything other than an honest review and only for items I have in fact tried. A special thanks to