My Influenster L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil VoxBox Review and Results

I've had grey in my hair since I was 16 yrs. old so my hair is color treated and though I don't get things like highlights every often, I do color my roots about every 6-8 weeks, plus my hair is naturally curly, so as you can imagine every winter my hair takes a beating. I've sadly tried many deep conditioners with not much success, sure my hair feels great when I first rinse the product out, but either after my hair is dry or as the day goes one, my hair either gets frizzy or just feels dried out, even though I don't have damaged ends. So I was pretty excited to try this system, I figured why not I'm getting the set for free, so even if I am disappointed, I won't be too upset, what did I have to lose so to speak. I'm and Influenster and as a part of the L'Oreal Paris Extraordinary Oil VoxBox CAMPAIGN I was able to try the Advanced Haircare - Extraordinary Oil Shampoo, Conditioner as well as the Advanced Haircare - Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum. Things I love about the L’Oréal Paris Advance Haircare Advanced Haircare - Extraordinary Oil, Shampoo, Conditioner and Lustrous Oil Serum are the smell. Every one of these items has at least in my opinion a great smell, it's not overpowering it's just nice. The Advanced Haircare - Extraordinary Oil Shampoo cleans hair gently and rinses out clean without stripping. The Advanced Haircare - Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Conditioner, leaves my hair tangle free and even silky, but not at all greasy. Advanced Haircare - Extraordinary Oil Lustrous Oil Serum leaves my hair feeling nourished, soft, silky. I like this system so much I have gone one to replace my old hair care system by another brand and have also even purchased the L’Oréal Paris Hair Care Advanced Extraordinary Transforming Oil-In-Cream
again, I'm very happy with the product and the results. As you can see in my pictures even after a recent salon service, this system really has made a huge difference in my hair! *****Though I was provided this product for a review, my thoughts and opinions are my own. I’ve done secret shopping, product testing as well as reviews for over 15 years and I will not give anything other than an honest review and only for items I have tried. #freeforreview #nurishedhair #beauty