It's That Time Of Year Again; Part 1

It's That Time of Year Again; Part 1 Of My Series On Tips to make Relocating and Moving Less Stressful

For those of you who follow me, you know were a military family and I am familiar with the whole PCS-ing thing. But I moved a lot even as a child, in fact I went to 7 different Grade Schools and 4 High Schools! Maybe that is why PCS-ing isn’t as stressful for me as it often can be.

I’m a list kind of person, in fact with each PCS I write in a notebook where I make to do lists, contact numbers, have important numbers, always make sure I have a copy of our orders, etc. Now whether you’re in the military and are PCS-ing or relocating for a job or simply making a big move somewhere, there are a few things I’ve done that has made things go more smoothly, at least for us.

I can’t stress this one enough, whether your moving on your own or your company has hired movers or you’re PCS-ing. Make sure you keep important papers safe, yet easily accessible to you.
If something has sentimental value or value, insure it and or pack it and if possible transport it yourself! Otherwise be prepared for things to go missing or things might get broken. Sure that can happen if you take it or pack it yourself, but you at least have more control of its care.

We’ve often has short notice moves, were talking a week! Orders, moving estimate, packing, gone baby! Oh and by the way where are we going to live again??? Lol I find keeping lists helps keep me organized, plus if I think of a question I need to ask, I write it down.

If you moving out of town, state or country, make sure you get a copy of your family and pets medical records, some places charge, many don’t because they understand. These will come in handy in case of any emergencies during move or when you’re getting set up with your new doctors and vet.

If you can take a bit of cash or travelers checks with you or gift cards. You wouldn’t believe how often this comes in handy, like when the place doesn’t take your type or banks Debit card, or the system is down or (and yes this has happened) a place is cash only! This could mean the difference in getting fuel or even those awesome, healthy (insert sarcasm) snacks at those gas marts!

I know with today’s technology; it’s become easier to find a place to rent or even buy than it was in the past. Let me start, NO this is not a sponsored post, lol. But Zillow, Trulia, Military by owner (if your military) or for Sale or for Rent by Owner have been awesome! Now Craigslist is a crap shoot, I’ve herd lots of horror stories about scams with rentals and even for sales, so if you looking on Craigslist and you have the option, have someone you trust actually check the place out to make sure it is a legit ad and not someone bogusly renting a home that belongs to someone else or is foreclosed or already rented doesn’t even exits and Please NO PAYPAL Payments or Cashier’s checks!! YES, we’ve known people that these things have happened to! Sadly, for every legitimate ad there are probably twice as many fake ads!

If you have children, try and find out ahead of time what school or at least school district they will be in, when they start the new school year, as from what we’ve noticed states with snow, seem to start a bit earlier than ones that don’t have it. Plus, if you find out before you move you may be able to have records transferred ahead of time.

Speaking of records, it's always a great idea (at least for us it has been) if you are moving out of state or country to obtain copies of your medical records, your children's medical records and any vet records for the family pets, this can really make life easier, at least when it comes to getting established in your new area.

If you, your family or pets are on any medications, it's also a good idea to see if you can get a spare or at least refills so you can have a spare in case one is lost or a spare to get you through the time it may take to get established with your new Doctor, Dentist, Veterinarian, etc.

If your maintaining your current insurance or even if you will have a new insurance, if you have time to research your perspective Doctor, Dentist or Veterinarian, try and do it.  Believe me it is always great to check out their reviews ahead of time, instead of getting stuck with a provider that may not be a good fit from the start.

Plus, another thing, you can often book an appointment to get established with your new providers for a time that works out after you've moved, which will make it easier to obtain any refills on medications, or any referrals you may need as some of these providers may be booked a few days or even weeks out, so this is a great way to have less wait time.

Well, I hope Part 1 of this series has been helpful and I hope you check back for more.