Summer Reads

I've loved a good book since I was young, yeah sure I love all the usual as a child, but once I read my first choose your own adventure book, I really started to enjoy reading, from there I found mysteries, then thrillers, horror, and hauntings. Sure I love poetry, literature, historical and more, but whatever the genre it must be engaging or I'm on to the next one. Yes, I was the child that loved having to do book reports for school as well as those Summer reading challenges! lol Yes, I admit, not only am I a closet nerd, goofball, beauty product junkie, I'm a closet bookworm too! lol

Reading can take you somewhere for just a moment, be a great break or a great way to unwind and relax and I feel reading to a child is really important. My ex-husband said my step-daughter does really well in school and to this day is an avid reader and credits me for it, my late grandmother read to me daily as a child, not only do I love books because of it I overcame a speech impediment too!

I've included some great reads from my favorite authors as well as some books that look like they'd be great Summer reads.

What is on your Summer reading list? Who are your favorite authors? or What is on your must read list?

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My favorite fun Mystery Writer, is Cleo Coyle her mysteries are fun to read, engaging and you'll want more, plus if you head over to her website, she always has yummy recipes

Coffee House Mystery

Cleo Coyle Recipes

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One of my fav stops to find a great book is Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book:

Kindle books:

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