Meatless Monday Ideas #7

Hi everyone!  It's Monday and time for another Meatless Monday Ideas post, I'm so glad you all like these, I love doing them and soon I'll be adding a few of my own recipes in them as well.  I love searching online for new recipes and trying them.  What are some of your favorite places to find recipes? and do you have a favorite Meatless Monday meal of your own?


  1. Those dishes look amazing and so hearty! I'm a total meat lover, but I bet those would be extremely satisfying. #ProductReviewParty

  2. Very good choices once again!

  3. Hey ladies! Thank you for stopping by! I've had a lot of fun doing these and we too are normally meat, seafood and fish eaters, but once a week I try and be good and make a hearty so you don't feel like your missing anything kinda meal that is actually meatless. It's been a great way not to cut down on fresh produce throw out too! I have to post a few of my own recipes, but sometime I forget and add bone broth or chicken stock, so it defeats the purpose a bit, however I have been able to get hubby to eat more and try more veggies though! lol

    You both take care and have a wonderful week

    Can you BELIEVE it's almost THANKSGIVING??? yikes

  4. These are all great choices Missy! Enjoy your week and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!