Do Your Favorite High Heels Have Your Feet More Bah Humbug Than Joyful?

Sole Patches

Have you been that Bride or Bridesmaid that along with the rest of the bridal party took her shoes off once the pictures are over and switched them out for something comfortable?

Do you wear high heels as a part of your work attire and by the end of your shift long for those bunny slippers?

Are you a Rock Star or Performer and wear high heels during your show?

Or do you just love the way high heels make your legs look or the added height they give you?

Between my days in the corporate world, being a Bride, a Bridesmaid a Maid of Honor, a God Mother, Charity Balls, Military Balls as well as other events I’ve been that gal, I AM THAT GAL!! Heck I was THAT Bride even! Lol

So, what can you do when your love of cute, stylish or classic Strappy Sandals, Boots, Booties, High Heels or Pumps, but they have your tootsies singing the blues?? Sole Patches, that’s what you can do to make them tootsies happier!

So, before you throw out your favs, consider giving Sole Patches a try. Sole Patches aren’t just a barrier like Moleskin, but give you the add padding where you want it in your trouble issues in your favorite shoes.

I have been that gal, I have given away countless shoes I had wished I had just found something that would have made the shoes comfortable or comfortable again!

Are Sole Patches perfect or will they work with every shoe or for everyone? Probably not, but after a week of trying them out in a host of shoes and even directly on my feet as they suggest, I do think they are versatile and cool!

Though Sole Patches are meant for the Soles of your feet, like placement directly on your ball of your foot or heels, plus they said you can put them directly into your shoes, I also felt since they are easily cut are great for those shoes they can cause those painful heel blisters as well or help with a shoe that is a little too big!

Now for me I preferred adding Sole Patches directly to my shoes, because I liked the fee better this way, though I did try them directly to the ball of my foot, it just seemed more comfortable directly in my shoes, but I am sure this is a personal choice and would depend if you planned on changing shoes and still wanted the Sole Patches without having to apply them in all the shoes you planned on wearing that day.

Sole Patches are a great nude color, offer nice padding without being bulky, the sticky side is nice and sticky and surprisingly didn’t leave any crazy sticky residue on my foot nor my shoes, but again everyone is different, this is only my experience with them

So overall, I really like Sole Patches and wish these were around sooner, but I am glad I leaned about them and glad Sole Patches sent me these to give them a try.

When I had first heard about Sole Patches and found out I was being sent them I really wasn’t expecting much. I figured they would just be a “Moleskin” type product with a cool name or some weird sponge like product that would feel even weirder than I thought they would be, but thankfully Sole Patches were none of those things! They are a (at least I think they are) customizable via cutting or shaping as needed, versatile as they can be placed in the ball of the shoes, the heel area or even at that area that meets your back of your foot and ankle. Sole Patches are offered in a multipack that is at a great price point and after giving them a try for 9 hours in a pair of shoes that normally would be having me looking for bunny slippers after 3 hours max.

I must say I’m pleased with them. The only thing I wished is that Sole Patches were offered in Black as well as Nude. Sure, the Nude is great, but not always great with Black shoes that are strappy or open-toed


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*****Though I was provided this product for a review, my thoughts and opinions are my own. I will only give a review for items I have tried and or use*****