Meatless Monday #9

Hi everyone,

Hope you had a great weekend. Today I'm sharing a few of my quickie Meatless meals and comfort meals as well as some yumminess I've found online.

One of my easiest quickie comfort meals is made with all prepared products, sorry I know it's bad, but like I said it is a comfort meal and a quickie one...

Now, this version is Not Vegan, however, Annies does make a Vegan Mac n Cheese, plus there are some other brands out there, so just use your favorite. The other ingredient is Amy's chili which is Vegan, so if you use Vegan Mac n Cheese, Vegan butter, Cashew or other non-dairy milk this could easily be Vegan, when I make the Vegan version I add some Nutritional Yeast to taste, for that extra cheesy, nutty flavor.

Sorry, my presentation picture is bad, I didn't think until after I had served some up to take a picture and this was all that was left, ugh.  It is tasty though, even though the pic doesn't convey it!  lol

For the Mac n Cheese, I make it per the package but because I like Aldente I take it off the heat to drain the pasta about a minute before it is done. 

Once it is done though I make it as usual, and whether I am making the Vegan version or the non-Vegan version I always add about 1/4 tsp of Smoked Paprika as well as Nutritional Yeast, other things are a bit of Herbamare just a sprinkle or two to taste another additions I make from time to time is mild chopped Ortega chilis and top with a bit of cheese, regular or Vegan.

Once I have it seasoned and the cheese is all mixed well,  over about low to med-low heat, now I add the can of Amy's Chili until heated through than enjoy!  

Now some additional toppings I've had from time to time, regular or Vegan cheese, regular or Vegan Sour Cream or plain Greek-style Yogurt, fresh sliced Green or Chopped Red Onions, or if you want a bit of kick, favorite hot sauce or  Sliced Jalapenos! 

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Here some yumminess I found online!

Do you do Meatless meals or Meatless Monday's from time to time or are you Vegetarian, Flexitarian or Vegan?  If so where do you find your favs? 

Thank you all for stopping by, oh if you enjoy Giveaways, be sure to look around, there are several posted and some that ate ending soon!  Take care and have a great week!

Missy ❤️️