The Blogger Behind Missy's Views and Savings Clues

Hi Everyone,

Today I'm doing something a little different. I've had some messages, asking about the "blogger" behind the blogs, my process, etc..

Yes, I used to blog before back in 2003 to early 2007 however as a military family, even though we all mostly blogged about lifestyle and not really military life, anyways, I along with several others I know we're getting a lot of hate from anti-military, so like many others, I shut the blog as well as the social media down.

I've been asked why I don't do a lot of "sponsored Posts" as many enjoy them. Well, I'm pretty picky about my actual "sponsored posts" as well as brands I work with. You'll find that most of the recipes and or items, especially subscription boxes are not "sponsored" and are purchased by me. It is not that I am not grateful for "Sponsored posts" I've worked with some great brands and would love to work with others, however, I only wish to review a brand or service that I or we use or have had proper time to evaluate, as I think it is only fair to my readers as well as social followers.

Another issue for me and why I do often turn things down, as they are either not a good fit for any of my 3 blogs or not something I or we would use or if it is a personal care, beauty or household cleaner they are not Cruelty-Free or I've turned a brand down because they have approached me and demand that I give a glowing review, even if the item or items weren't great and I just don't work that way!

When I review something, I'm giving you my or our real review based on experience with that product or service and I will state that either the post is sponsored or I was given a product to review. I do from time to time do "a paid sponsored review" however it is still known to the brand or brands, that I will still only give my honest review otherwise I will not post it to my blog!

Random facts:

I have a freaking huge, oops I mean minor addiction with Coffee ☕️ and Life is Good products 😂 I love cupcakes because they are just the right size! lol

I am a rescue mom to 9 dogs and 3 kittes ranging in age from 1 1/2 yrs to 9 yrs and 6 lbs to 113 lbs. I've done rescue off and on throughout my life and was told I rescued our first kittie who passed many years ago when I was only 3 yrs old. I've even rescued and helped rehab deer, cows, birds of prey, wild horses, a wolf and even skunk babies! lol

I am a Flexitarian, I have tried being Vegan for several years, however, my system doesn't do well on all vegetables, a lot of soy or even some grains, even though I did enjoy the foods. I do believe in shopping and supporting local when I can, as well as Fair Trade, made in the USA and Canada, Grass Fed, Pasture Raised.

I've been Cruelty-Free in my beauty, skin care, personal care as well as household cleaners for years, as a personal choice, I've found with my Asthma, sensitive skin and my love of animals is what drives me, but again this is my personal choice and I do not at all think I am any better than someone else. Just like with being a Flexitarian, this is my personal choice and in fact, I am the only one in my household that is!

Along with being a Blogger, I am a household 6, a former Nurse, a Writer, and Poet.

Prior to an accident that a Drunk Driver hit a car that I was a passenger in and ran the car into a Telephone pole I was pretty athletic, Yoga, Gymnastics, VolleyBall, and Equestrian.

Purples and Blues are my favorite colors.

Some of my favorite brands of various products and ones you'll often see on my blogs are: Marc Jacobs Beauty, OSEA, OFRA, Kopari, Clean brand Fragrances, Mrs Meyers, Le Cruset, Life Is Good, Barilla, Living Proof, Sargento, Optimum Nutrition, again just favorites and not sponsored, unless they'd like to be, lol They are brands I've used for a while, some many years!

Though I'd like to say I no longer have an eating disorder, it does still rear it's ugly head and it can at times still be a struggle for me.

I did once have Cervical Cancer when I was 14-17 yrs from abuse as a child, but thankfully I had a great OBGYN and Oncology

I did have a not so nice and abusive childhood, but I refuse to let it define me, however, it is probably why I like animals more than a lot of people.

I do not hate unless of course, you're a child abuser, animal abuser, murder, sexual assaulter, or terrorist! We all matter and kindness matters!

I hope you've enjoyed this "Blogger behind the Blog" and I thank you for taking the time to stop by this or any of my blogs

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Take care and have a wonderful week,

Missy ❤️️