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Hi Everyone, today I am bringing you something different than I have posted here in a while.  I used to do book reviews all the time but for a review site and not here on my blog.  

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Though I enjoy reading, I found less time to really read so I have become a bit choosier in my choices otherwise it will just be a started book and not finished.

When I was offered a chance to review Tyler Perry's new book Higher is Waiting, I jumped at the chance as I enjoy Tyler Perry's movies as well as interviews I've seen him do. 

However, I'll be honest, I really wasn't sure what to expect from this book as this is the man that brilliantly brings you Madea!

Though I knew some of Tyler's history from different interviews I've seen or read, but this book was a whole new level of Tyler.  

I knew Tyler's faith was strong and that he had a rough childhood and overcame much, but this book is so much more than a memoir.  

As a someone who had an abusive childhood and at times saw and experienced things no child should ever, I too somehow knew more was out there and this wasn't how life was supposed to be and I too believed in something more, so this book resonated with me on several levels.  

I found Higher is Waiting to be poignant, inspirational, Tyler kept it real and this isn't your average sugar-coated celebrity memoir, which is refreshing!

Sometimes when you read memoirs, there just seems to be a sugar coating if you know what I mean, but honestly, life isn't all Cotton Candy and Rainbows, though it would be nice if it was from time to time, we all know it isn't. 

Tyler's strong faith in something more, something higher, as well as his mother, clearly helped shape the man he is today.  

I think the books release date is perfect, as it reminds us all to be thankful, grateful, to stay humble and that we don't have to be the product of our upbringing or our current circumstance. 

That our circumstances are changeable, once we believe in ourselves, even if no one else will and be the change we want in our lives, even if it is one tiny step at a time and even if others tell you that you can't.  Will it be easy?  No, but you must believe and stay positive.  

I think no matter where you are in life, this would be an enjoyable read.  Is this book for everyone, probably not, as no book is for everyone, however, if you enjoy a book that is inspiring this would be a great and easy read.  

In this book the chapters are separated into 4 parts:

• Planting the Seeds
• Nourish the Roots
• Branching Out
• Harvesting the Fruit

And in those parts, are the chapters, each of which is a life lesson and how he was able to overcome and grow from them.

To me it is no wonder why Higher is Waiting is #22 On 

Barnes & Noble's Top 100 List

This book would make a great read and a great gift and I'll

be adding it to this year's gift guide!

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