Ways to Save, Earn Points or Cash Back While You Shop

Hi Everyone,

Today I am sharing with you my favorite ways to save.  

Anyone who follows me on Social Media or here even or just knows me I love to save,  in fact, I used to be one of those people who could go grocery shopping, end up with free items that I usually donate, and would end up paying $20.00 -$30.00 on a $300-$400 bill! But with the last two relocations, it became a bit of a challenge to keep it up so I've kind of gotten away from couponing, but plan to get back into it for the new year!

Just because I no longer coupon, doesn't mean I don't save though, I save, I earn points, and even get cash back from my purchases, just in a different way.  

Today, I am going to share with you those ways as well as the sites and apps I use to do so.  

The links I'm sharing are referral links and not affiliate links and I've used these sites as well as these apps for years now and so far I've never been spammed, so I don't think they spam and I've found out of all the sites and apps I've tried these are the real deal, meaning I've always earned my points, savings or cash back no hassle and the rare time something was missed they took care of it right away!

My Favorite Websites and Apps that help me save Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Year-Round:

Rakuten formally Ebates Gives a bonus when you sign up, sometimes it's a Cashback bonus or a Gift Card Bonus and this is honestly my overall favorite, I'm always earning Cashback either online or with their App.

Ibotta Is my favorite Grocery one, though they offer a bunch of other categories, I mostly use this app for Grocery shopping as they even have Cashback for places like the Military Commissary, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, a lot of the Wharehouse stores such as Costco, Sams Club, BJ's and they offer Cashback for other stores as well, whether your shopping in-store or online, plus items can be on sale or clearance or if you've used a coupon for them!  So it's great, and earns something every shopping trip!

Allows you to earn points for gift cards, giveaways, and more, plus, there are often bonus points for certain items (brands and items change) Plus, they seem to accept all sorts of receipts, even things like fast food, gas stations, and more (at least it always has for me)

Swagbucks Is a great way to earn points to use towards Giftcards, Giveaways, and more, plus there are other ways to earn points and the points add up quickly!

Other ways to save are your Credit Cards or ATM Cards:

Check with your bank or even your Credit Card company, because this time of year many cards offer Cashback savings or points that can be redeemed for Gift Cards when you shop specific types of retailers or restaurants, even grocery stores or use certain services.  My bank as well as Discover Card

Other Places to save money is through sites such as Groupon 

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Thank you for your time today, be safe, be kind, take care, and have a great weekend!


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