Nest Bedding, My best Sleep In Years

**Missy's Views and Savings Clues was provided with a Nest Bedding Love and Sleep Mattress for review, I am not being compensated to do this review, my thoughts and opinions are my own and based on our experience with this product for the past 2 months.  I do not review products or service that I or we have not tried and or use.  

❄️Hi Everyone,  Happy Holidays! 🎄 Today I am sharing our review of Nest Bedding Love and Sleep Mattress as well as my experience with the company as a whole.  

First thing first, I had reached out to Nest Bedding customer service with what probably seemed like a ton of questions and even a few concerns.  I was interested in Nest Bedding, but we've been burned by several other box mattresses as well as several high-end traditional mattresses from a mattress store.

I am truly amazed how great Nest Beddings customer service was, they don't know me, I wasn't yet a current customer and like I said I had questions and they happily answered every one of them, they completely understood why I had concerns based on our experience with other brands,  and you know what, they even followed up!  

Nest Bedding sent me the Love and Sleep Mattress  for our review and despite all my worries, which were completely gone after the first few nights of sleeping on it, has been nothing but a great a very comfortable experience!  

The Nest Bedding Love and Sleep Mattress is everything in a quality standard mattress and more.  The Love and Sleep Mattress is firm, but not too firm, perfect support.  Plus, the Love and Sleep Mattress has little to no movement transfer unlike similar mattresses, which is a great thing for a lite sleeper like me.

Nest Bedding doesn't seem to leave you overheated or sweaty either, plus there is no crazy sag when you sit on the side of the bed

Now, 60 days into our experience with Nest Bedding, the only thing I regret is not doing it sooner!  The Nest Bedding Love and Sleep Mattress  is a great, quality made mattress. 

Nest Beddings amazing service hasn't ended there, I've followed them for a while now on various social media, long before becoming a customer and when I say amazing I mean it!  Their interaction with their social media follower, customers or not is truly some of the best I've seen in years.  

Nest Bedding seems to really care and is always giving back!  In a world of so many brands only caring about the bottom line and not about the quality of their product or their customers, it is truly refreshing seeing a brand that not only makes a quality product, but that product is factory direct and made in the USA!  

I have never met the man behind Nest Beddinghowever during my interactions with him, one thing is truly clear, Joe cares about the quality and safety of his products as well as his customers!

A bit of background on me that only people close to me know, I was an equestrian and had been since I was 8 yrs old and at 14 1/2 years old I was Olympic level, that was until one night after a practice a 5 time DUI driver hit a car I was traveling in and send the car into a telephone pole.  The driver of the car I was in was thankfully unhurt and the DUI driver tried to run away on foot!  

I wasn't so lucky, though I was wearing a seatbelt and this was before airbags were in cars,  I was left with a concussion, a gash in my forehead, fractured ribs, fractured wrist, my whole right side was badly bruised, part of the car crushed my left knee causing a lot of damage, but the worst was my spine, I ended up having several fractures up and down my spine, so much so that I had no feeling from the waist down!  Fast forward to today, I am not at all without spinal issues, good days I have most of the feeling in my legs and just mild pain, bad days I'm numb down to my toes, and about a year ago I started getting neck pain as well as numbness from time to time in my arms, which is what started me on a journey to a new mattress as our old one wasn't giving me the support or comfort I needed for a nights sleep, let along a goodnight's sleep, even though it is a pillow top!  

Though our old mattress is an expensive high-end, no flip, plush pillow top, supposedly with a long warranty, that is a reputable brand.   Well, let's just say it hasn't been anywhere near the 25 years, only 5 years in fact, yet it's still failing us and causing me stress on my spine!  

So as you can imagine a good quality mattress is pretty important in my life.

In my long and at times crazy search for a new mattress,  I've been really picky, just ask the poor Nest Bedding customer service who I asked what I'm sure seemed like a million questions!   That plus having Asthma a mattress has to meet certain standards, especially after issues I never knew could exist with a mattress until we had problems with other box brands and other traditional brands!  

Issues like the fact that some mattresses can and are made from toxic materials, that off gases and even be made out of the country!  Once with another box brand that had rave reviews and also with a well known traditional mattress brand.  When I say off gassing I mean so bad you don't even want it in your zip code let alone your house and especially your bedroom!  


Nest Bedding Is different from the many of the others out there and is more than a mattress company.  Nest Bedding is a family owned, factory direct, Mattress and Bedding Company, that also carries Organic Sheets, Natural, eco-friendly and Certified Bedding and Mattresses, plus they offer Children's mattresses, foundations, pillows, bedding, lifestyle products, and even pet beds! 

Nest Bedding, is not just your average mattress company, so next time you're in the market for a new mattress for you or your family or just looking to upgrade, check out Nest Bedding Quality Mattresses.

Thank you all for stopping by today, I appreciate your time,
Missy ❤️️🎄

**I'd like to thank Nest Bedding for providing us with the Love and Sleep Mattress and for helping us upgrade our sleep.

****UPDATE the Nest Bedding Love and Sleep Mattress was a nice mattress, however, after nearly 3 months I did end up giving it to a pregnant mother who was in need who had lost a lot in an emergency.  For me, it ended up being a bit too firm ( maybe because I was used to a pillow top, which is what I had prior), however, she absolutely loves it, turns out she actually never liked a "pillow top" style which is why she had asked about it.