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I am currently reviewing another Genuine Health product for you as they were so kind in sending me a few of their products for gut health to try out and they are even sponsoring a giveaway so 1 lucky winner can give their Fermented Organic Gut Superfoods+ a try as well.

Now as many of you know, I’ve had digestive issues throughout my life as well. I was diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer when I was 9 yrs old, and with Diverticulitis when I was in my teens.

So, as you can imagine I am, not one of those people who can just eat anything they want and there are times when I “pay with gut pain” so to speak if I do. So, I’ve learned long ago to just listen to my body about what and how much of something I eat.

I'm a Flexitarian, I try to eat balanced, stay hydrated, plus I Juice fast from time to time (I recently did a week-long one), and I also regularly take probiotics, as this is what works for me.

My gut health can be a fine line as not having gut issues or when I am having gut issues and eating can be pretty painful, which can make it easy for me to slip back to my old ways or the very least restrictive eating.

So the fact that I enjoy juicing as I really like how my body feels when I juice,  it honestly feels nourished, plus it seems to give me a bit of a boot to my energy!  

What I don't like the cleanup and honestly I don't often have the time to make my own juice nor the space to store all the produce, so a product like Fermented Organic Gut Superfoods+  is a great way to get your fruits and vegetables in.

Even when I am at my fittest I have still never managed to get in the daily recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables, so for me juicing is a great way to try!

Now I personally enjoy green juices, but I know they aren't for everyone and one thing I did notice about the Genuine Health's Fermented Organic Gut Superfoods+, well at least with the flavor I have which is the Orange Ginger, I found it to be an easy flavor to drink!

Now if your new to green or superfoods style juices, this would be a nice and easy introduction as, it is not only tasty, it mixes well with water, juice as well as milk of choice or even blended in a smoothie or protein shake or as I call it lazy day mixer the blender bottle!

Now I can't speak as to what the other flavors are like but, the Orange Ginger has an Orange fruity taste, but not fake flavor, more like fresh ripe sweet orange, but not too sweet and it has a slight chocolate finish, which I had to go back and look at the ingredients, somehow I missed it, but it does have Organic Cocoa Seed in it which lends to the slight chocolaty finish.

Normally I can easily taste Stevia in products and I don't notice it at all in this and though this does have it's fair share of greens, it also has a nice selection of fruits as well, so this really is much more than a typical "green juice", plus it's without that earthy, greenie (you know what I mean, lol) flavor.

Oh, another thing I've noticed, unlike with some of the other "Superfood or Green Juice" type of products, this one didn't cause any stomach discomfort and I've tried many and many have!  

Yes, I know much like I am with protein powders I am a bit of a Goldilocks when it comes to my juices and much like protein powders I have tried many and ended up trying only once and never touch them again!  lol    

However, I did find that Genuine Health's Fermented Organic Gut Superfoods+  was tasty and really easy to drink so I will be finishing the container! 

Did you know that diet, toxins, antibiotics and stress (yes stress) all affect our gut health?  If so, what have you tried that helps you with your gut health?

fermented organic gut superfoods+

Using the latest research available on the gut microbiome, we have created the ultimate prebiotic gut superfood – fermented organic gut superfoods+ is the ONLY prebiotic superfood that packs a 1-2-3 punch!
1 – Made from 21 organic plant-based superfoods that are rich in phytonutrients called polyphenols, which not only feed our gut microbes but have synergistic benefits with them, too!
2 – an Easy-to-tolerate source of prebiotic fiber that helps to feed “good” bacteria and won’t irritate the gut – or cause bloating.
3 – Fully-fermented, amplifying the plant nutrients and improving digestion.
fermented organic gut superfoods+ is:




And is available in 3 flavors: Unflavored, Orange Ginger or Summer Berry Pomegranate

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