Tips On Finding Pantry Supplies, Groceries, Ways To Save and More!

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Thank you for stopping by today, gosh honestly I never thought I would be doing a post like this, but hopefully, it will be helpful to at least some of you.  Most importantly, be smart, be safe and please be kind, remember we are all going through this, some more than others.

As I am sure everyone knows there is a pandemic going one,  and some states are on lockdown, a lot of schools are closed for several months, until fall and possibly longer.

Now, even if you're amazing at making sure your pantry is stocked, many haven't, so that can mean trying to search stores as well as online sites for goods.  Some online retailer, have sellers are really price gouging goods, and some are just simply out of stock.

I am a long time shopper of an online retailer that sellers have been doing this sadly and I've seen a ton of gouging on there, even for items I tried to get.

As I was about to give up on some much-needed items, I got to thinking and well researching, and I was able to find several of those items I was looking for and thankfully no price gouging, plus I can have it delivered, and often free with a small minimum order.

If your local store is out of an item, consider places like Target who does have delivery on a lot of their items, but many stores offer pickup, just check online for your local store.  Target, for me at least has been awesome!  I was able to buy a multi-pack of toilet paper, an 6 pack of kleenex, find hand sanitizer, cruelty-free toilet bowl cleaner, bathroom disinfectant cleaner, a box of crackers, get coffee and locate a skillet sauce I was looking for, all for normal if not on sale prices!  So be sure to check places like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CostcoSams Club, plus places like Safeway, Fred MeyerWhole Foods Pea Pod  also offer delivery to some areas or at least pickup. Be sure to also check your local store as different retailers are in different areas.  Plus, if you are pregnant, a senior or someone with a compromised immune system, many retailers are offering set instore shopping hours, again check with the retailer for hours.     

For fresh produce (if avail in your area) Full Circle, they are offering my readers $15 off their first box with code: ERIK9291 *this is a referral code only, not an affiliate link

If you are a family in need, (please know there is no shame in that, bottom line we are all human!), as many families sadly are, check with your school districts to see if there is a meal plan in place, many are still providing breakfasts and lunches via a pickup location.  Also, check with local food banks, as well as local churches as many have a pantry or can at least offer advice.

You might check Instacart for grocery delivery

Ibotta Is my favorite Grocery one, though they offer a bunch of other categories, I mostly use this app for Grocery shopping as they even have Cashback for a place like the Military Commissary, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, a lot of the Wharehouse stores such as Costco, Sams Club, BJ's, and they offer Cashback for other stores as well, whether your shopping in-store or online, plus items can be on sale or clearance or if you've used a coupon for them!  So it's great, and earn something every shopping trip!  *This is a referral link, not an affiliate link

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Please be kind with comments, this post is in no way meant to offend anyone.  

P.S. Sorry about the poor editing, the rescue pack is not cooperating much tonight, and I've started ad stopped many times...

****Please note this post does have referral codes where noted, though I am a customer as well as an affiliate to several of the stores listed above, I am not using my affiliate links, they are simply linked to the retailers home page to make getting to their websites easier.