Are You A Pet Parent, Or Are A Pet Family? Chewy Is Shipping!!

Hi everyone, As many of you know I am a rescue pack mom  (dogs, and kitties), and as for all of us,  things are a bit stressful.  

Locating essentials can be really tough right now, especially with all of the out of stocks, as well as price gouging going on, states on various stages of re-opening, and this can include essentials for the pets in our lives! 

A lot of you know that I've been a Chewy customer for many years now,  and in the past couple of years, I was also an influencer with them, at one time.   The reason, why I have been a customer for so long, is because of their pawsome service, as well as their selection, plus no matter where we had relocated to for the military, here in the US, Chewy never had a problem shipping to me.

During the outbreak, it has been no exception! Much like my amazing Veterinary, Chewy has been another part of the family so to speak. Chewy, has a bit of something for a lot of your pet's needs, they have a pet pharmacy and wonderful gifts too!  

Some of the categories you'll find on the Chewy website include products for dogs, cats, fish, birds, small pets, as well as some horse products too!  

Plus, I often find products at a better price than at the local chains! 

So if you are needing some pet essentials, check out what Chewy has to offer and be sure to check their daily deals too! 

 Lilly Bean (she thinks she's one of the dogs)🙄
Mama Hope

Thank you for taking the time to stop by, be well, be safe, be kind and I hope you somehow have a pawsome day! Missy 💖🐾  

*As I was placing an order earlier, for some essentials for the poochie and purr posse,  I had noticed this announcement from Chewy: (my last order from about 2 weeks ago was about 2 days late, which I honestly expected even later)
A message about current events: 
Dear Pet Parents, Chewy is always here for you. Due to high demand, current delivery times are running considerably longer than usual on food and supplies. Stay well and thanks for choosing us. 

 **I am a longtime Chewy customer, as well as an influencer, this post does contain an affiliate link, so I may receive a small commission at no cost to you if a purchase is made through that link.