Enjoying this PNW Summer day, and some Wandering Bear Coffee Cold Brew

Sure Summertime to me means thoughts of cold beverages, like Lemonade, Limeade, Sweet Tea, and Iced Matcha, but as someone whose blood type is Coffee, it also means Cold Brew Coffee.  

Now I am not talking about letting your hot coffee get cold, then you put it in the refrigerator stuff or brewing over ice (also great), but I am talking about rich, smooth, flavorful coffee that is brewed from grounds in cold water, kind of stuff, which I love, but honestly, doing it yourself is a bit messy, and takes a bit of time to achieve a great brew.

When I heard about Wandering Bear, I had to know more, more about the actual coffee, if it was really cold brew or not, and well taste for myself!  Sure I've had others in the past, which my experience has been okay, to not so okay, to goodness why am I drinking this??  lol

Well, I must admit, my niece was right when she thought I would enjoy Wandering Bear, so right in fact besides what I was provided for my review (Vanilla), I purchased 2 more flavors on my own (Mocha, and Caramel), and hope to try more!   Though I like the Mocha, I might be a little obsessed with the Vanilla, and especially the Caramel ones!  Why you might be wondering??  Well, remember how I mentioned coffee is my blood type, and how I have tried others.  

Well for me, maybe I am picky, but I really don't like sicky sweet anything, nor do I like a flavored product that has that fake flavor taste.  With Wandering Bear, not only can I sweeten with what I like, and how I like, but the flavored ones I have tried not only smell like real Caramel, and Vanilla but taste it as well, plus I can actually enjoy the Vanilla, as well as Caramel ones unsweetened (I do prefer the Mocha sweetened though).  And, unlike the others I have tried, there is no bitter or weird aftertaste, just rich yummy Cold Brew!

Oh, and if you checked their website, besides the occasional seasonal favorite, they have a secret menu too!🤫

Wandering Bear Cold Brew is offered in Single Serve, Cartons, as well as Boxes.  A bit about Wandering Bear...  Wandering Bear Cold Brew, is ready to serve, Organic Cold Brew, Kosher, Keto Friendly, Vegan, made with Fair Trade Coffee, and is currently offered in Six choices Straight Black, Vanilla, Caramel, Mocha, Decaf Black, and Toasted Coconut, but like I said they often have other flavors for a limited time or season, and I've got my eye on Dirty Vanilla Chai, as well as Peppermint Mocha!  They even offer bundles, as well as a subscribe, and save where you save 10% by subscribing!

If you are wondering about the packaging, they use recyclable,  BPA-free containers, that are Food Safe, and each batch of Cold Brew, if you check their website, is tested, thank goodness for me, because I am extremely allergic to Mycotoxins!

If you love cold brew, but hate the mess of making it yourself, love the convenience of reaching for a tasty, already made-for-you brew, full of flavor, check out Wandering Bear Coffee!

There will be more reviews for this brand to come, as I try a few more of their flavors.  But, not only does Wandering Bear Coffee Cold Brew make a tasty Cold Brew, but I love it added to my morning protein shake, and even makes a very yummy Caramel Coffee Martini!🍸

**This review post does contain an affiliate link, and if you make a purchase I may receive a small commission**

*One of the products mentioned in this post, Wandering Bear Coffee Cold Brew Vanilla was provided for review.  However, I had already purchased the Caramel as well as the Mocha myself, even before I was offered the review.  My thoughts, and opinions are my own, bad or other, and for products or services I use or have tried.

Thank you for stopping by today, take care, hope you enjoy the rest of your week,

Missy 💓