Tonights Sun Basket Dinner

Another great box arrived this week from Sun Basket, this week’s recipes are Almond-crusted Fish with Chermoula, and Lemon-Cucumber Olive Salad, which we had last night, however husband started eating even before I was able to snap pictures :( (wah, wah, wah...) Tonight’s yummy meal was Polenta with Mascarpone, Summer Greens and Portobello Mushrooms, and tomorrow night is Ricotta-Stuffed Chicken with Panzanella. Yesterday’s meal of Almond-crusted Fish with Chermoula and Lemon-Cucumber Olive Salad, was a great mix of flavors that was savory, which made for a great summer time meal. The only part of the meal that was the Radish Sprouts, though normally we enjoy sprouts, they just seemed a little out of place here, there was so many other great flavors going on, they really seemed more of a garnish. Tonight’s meal was Polenta with Mascarpone, Summer Greens and Portobello Mushrooms was so yummy! The Polenta, the Chard, the Portobello’s, the Shallots, Garlic, and the CHEESE :) Mascarpone and Parmesan!! All came together as this flavorful, creamy, cheesy, savory bowl of yumminess! Are you looking to try Sun Basket for yourself? Well you can get $20.00 off your first Sun Basket by clicking:


Thank you

I just wanted to say thank you for your patience as I settle back into blogging, and get my "sea legs" again so to speak, as it has been a while. I have lots of great things, product reviews, and money saving ideas and more to share with you. We enjoyed Sun Basket so much we signed up for the service, the nice folks at Sun Basket have given me an offer code to share with you. If you use this link, you'll save $20.00 off your first Sun Basket
Be sure to check my review of Sun Basket from a contest I had won. Our next Sun Basket arrives this week and I can wait to share the review and pictures with you all.

Tonights eats

Things have been busy lately with school, preparing for another, but final (yeah) relocation, so tonight’s meal was literally something I threw together and Sautéed up! Were calling it Turkey Sauté Surprise so easy, so versatile, as you can really add or subtract any vegetables or meat even! 1 package of ground turkey (you could sub any other ground meat or even veggie meat crumbles) 1 cup of frozen or fresh Broccoli 1 Cup of frozen or fresh Cauliflower 1 8oz pack of sliced Crimini Mushrooms 1/4 cup low sodium Chicken Stock Favorite seasonings as desired Cook and brown up Turkey, when Turkey is nearly done, add Chicken Stock, Crimini Mushrooms, Broccoli, Cauliflower and sauté for about 5-7 mins, just until vegetables are tender, season and enjoy We served ours with a Caesar Salad.

Tremenda Sticks Dog Chews Recall

Tremenda Sticks Dog Chews Recall


Madhava Natural Sweetner Backyard Bartender Contest

Madhava Natural Sweeteners | Backyard Bartender Sweepstakes image Madhava Natural Sweeteners | Backyard Bartender Sweeps... Welcome to the Madhava Natural Sweeteners page. 'Like' us for exclusive contests, coupons, recipes... View on Preview by Yahoo



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Sun Basket Review

Thanks to a promotion from Sun basket and Bridget over at; Broke But Bougie: we got a chance to try the Organic meal delivery company Sun Basket, and even though I was provided with a box of Sun Basket, all opinions expressed are my own I was excited to learn that there was finally a “West Coast” meal delivery, and now there is Sun Basket. Sun Basket currently deliveries to CA, OR, WA, CO, NV, UT, AZ and ID. Sun Basket Currently offers it’s 3 meal a week plans for 2, 4 or 6 people. With new recipes each week you can choose your own meals or select the Chefs Choice, Vegetarian, Gluten Free or Paleo-friendly plan. Things that really standout for me, as can be seen in the pictures, is that your Sun Basket is well packed, produce, meats, and herbs are truly fresh. Sun Basket also has a recycling program, which in itself is impressive, so you don’t get stuck each week with a ton of packing material. Recipe cards are easy to understand, and meals were ready in 20-30 mins! For our Sun Basket we received; Roasted Chicken with Wild Arugula, Goat Cheese and Strawberries, which was a huge hit, and a great summer meal. The flavors in this meal, all played off each other very well and the touch of fresh Mint in the salad, with the Balsamic brought all the flavors together, did I mention it was really yummy?  Our next meal was the Baked Shrimp Piccata with Romano Bean and Tomato Salad. This meal was a nice flavorful rustic meal that screamed to be served with fresh hot French bread to soak up that lemony garlicy goodness that is left on your plate, we also enjoyed it with a glass of Pinot Grigio Our last meal was the White Bean and Ricotta Flatbread. This meal however was met with mixed reviews, but not at all because of the flavors or toppings, which those were tasty, and unique. The only con so to speak we had with the White Bean and Ricotta Flatbread, were the Lavash that is used as the “Flatbread” though we do like Lavash, this seemed a bit out of place here as it was almost too thin and translated to more of an appetizer than an actual meal. Overall I do think Sun Basket is a heavy contender in the subscription meal service arena, it offers, tasty meals, and seem to be making a great effort to offer quality, Organic ingredients, plus I love their efforts to be green and encourage its customers to be green with their packing recycling program. If your thinking of trying Sun Basket for yourself, Sun Basket is offering my readers $20.00 off your First Sun Basket Delivery with this link: This post does contain a referral link.


NestFresh review for SocialNature

Recently I got a chance to try a product for SocialNature and NestFresh, and even though I was provided with free product, my thoughts and oppinions are my own. Here is my review from @SocialNature I am not often impressed by store bought eggs, because I got very used to getting farm fresh eggs from free range chickens, when I used to spend my summers on a farm, and that desire for farm fresh free range eggs carried over to adulthood. That being said, these NestFresh eggs are the closest to "fresh from the farm" as I have seen in stores. Eggs were all of normal size, clean, and fresh looking. Yokes, are a vibrant yellow, as a good egg should be. Since we have had these NestFresh eggs, I've made them over easy, hardboiled as well as brunch cups, and these eggs stand up wonderfully, no watery or runny anything about them. NestFresh have been a great alternative to truly "fresh from the farm" eggs. "

Meet the Schilter Family ... - Schilter Family Farm — Schilter Family Farm

Meet the Schilter Family ... - Schilter Family Farm — Schilter Family Farm Since I grew up spending summers on a farm, I love farm fresh produce, so when we relocated Washington I was so excited to find Schilter Family Farm in Olympia WA. Schilter Family Farm has a wonderful little farm stand that offers beautiful flower baskets in the Spring as well as several jarred items like jams, jellies, etc., plus in Summer, and Fall they offer amazing fresh seasonal produce (the Peaches and Corn are out of this world good!!), the actual farm has a great pumpkin patch in October, as well as a corn maze and more! From the day after Thanksgiving thru December 21st there is an array of beautiful trees for Christmas both at the farm stand as well as at the farm itself, plus there is holiday family fun at the farm as well, plus it also means it’s time for their yummy Cider Donuts! And if that all isn’t enough you can even rent their barn for events too! So if you’re in the area, and have the time stop by the farm stand, and see the amazing produce for yourself!

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Hi there, Missy's Views and Savings Clues is getting a bit of a refresher, and will be back up with fresh posts later this week. Thank you for your patience, have a wonderful day :)