Meatless Monday Ideas #2

The ideas from Meatless Monday # 1 seem to be a hit with friends, readers and us, so i thought I sould do another one. Like I mentioned in Meatless Monday #1 we are not a vegitarian or vegan family, howver I'm always looking to add to our "Meatless Monday" ideas, especially with Summer upon us. I'm more of a Poultry, Fish and Seafood person, however I do love many roasted, grilled vegitables, fruit, and I love my grains and pasta, but hubby is Meat and Potaotes so to speak, if I'm going to go meatless on him the dish better be hearty and not lack protein! otherwise I here "Wheres the Protein?" lol

There are several great products though I really like and have been able to fool him with in the right dish. A couple of my favorite brands are Beyond Meats and MorningStar Farms.

With Beyond Meats my favorite product is their Beefy Crumble as well as their; Feisty Crumble and Italan Meatballs (yes, this Hawaiian-Italian has used these! don't tell hubby, lol)

My longtime favorite from MorningStar Farms is their; Griller Crumbles, Grillers Prime Burgers.

Both Beyond Meats and MorningStar Farms offer a variety of products though.

I so have to take pictures, but some of my favorite ways to use Beyond Meat Italian Meat Balls is with Spaghetti Squash and Maranara Sauce and one of my favorite ways to use MorningStar Grillers Prime is with our favoite Aoli or Teriyaki Sauce, a Grilled Pineapple slice, Cheese on a Kings Hawaiian bun, yum!

Here are a few Meatless meal ideas I've recently found online.

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Do you follow "Meatless Monday" or are you Vegitarian or Vegan? What are some of your favorites? (No hating please)