Got Leftovers From Tonights Holiday Dinner?? Well, I have some Ideas For You!

Leftover Turkey makes for some great as well as quick after the holiday meals! Some of my favorite ways to use leftover Turkey is; Turkey Chili, Turkey Noodle Soup, Turkey Soft Tacos, Turkey Enchiladas, Turkey Noodle Casserole, and even Turkey Hoisin Stir Fry to name a few.

A great thing about Turkey Chili is that you can put it into your slow cooker and let it do its thing. So, it can cook while you're relaxing, watching football, shopping and in a few hours a hot tasty meal will be ready for you and if you want to make it even more hearty, just add some cooked Marconi as it makes for a perfect winter meal!

For Turkey Taco's, be it soft or hard shell, just warm up the already cooked leftover Turkey meat with your usual Taco seasonings, add your favorite Taco fixings, maybe even a side like Spanish rice and your go to go!

For something a little different, try a container of premade Mole sauce, just follow the directions on the container to make Mole Enchiladas, and use your leftover pre-cooked Turkey as the filling.

Do you have a favorite Quiche recipe? just use your leftover pre-cooked Turkey as part of the filling!

Another idea for Turkey as well as a few other leftovers is; take a can of Crescent rolls, lay them on a cookie sheet separate the triangles, take a little leftover Turkey, a bit of Corn or other vegetables, a bit of Gravy and a bit of Potatoes or Turkey, Cheese, Cranberry sauce and BBQ sauce or Turkey and Hoisin sauce in the middle of half of the triangles which I think most cans contain 8, if it's different just uses half as bottoms and the remaining as tops. Then top the bottom triangle that has a bit of filling on it with another of the triangles, pinch the edges together or crimp with a fork, place a small slit in the top and bake as you normally would bake the crescent rolls if you were making crescent rolls since the meat and filling have already been cooked before, just keep a watch on them during the last few mins as you may need to adjust time up or down depending on your oven. You looking for about the same color as you would when you cook crescent rolls, remove them from the oven, let then cool for about 5 mins, be careful as the filling may still be hot and enjoy!

Have leftover Corn? you can add it to a homemade soup, add it to a canned soup, make homemade Cream Style Corn or even Corn Bread!

Have leftover Potatoes, use them to top a Turkey version of Shepherd's Pie and you can also use leftover Gravy as part of your sauce too!

Sorry the only idea I have for leftover Stuffing is Stuffing Muffins for another meal

Have some other leftover sides? Try blending up or smashing those leftover Sweet Potatoes and adding them to an egg and make Sweet Potato pancakes or even mix them into your favorite Pancake batter, or add some to Pumpkin Muffins for an added layer of flavor and they can be a tasty addition to a Protein Shake or even add a little Cream or Half and Half until the desired consistency for a tasty Pasta sauce!

Have leftover Grits? Think Grit Cakes!

Leftover Greens? I like to make sure they are well drained and add them to some Scrambled Eggs in the morning, yum or sauté them up with a little Garlic and a bit of Olive Oil for a side dish for a different meal!

Have leftover pie?? What were you thinking?? Why is there leftover pie?!!! lol... Pumpkin, Apple, Cherry, Peach, Sweet Potato, Pecan Pie can make for a tasty addition to your morning smoothie if you add just a little if you’re not minding calories than they make a great addition to a bit of frozen yogurt or Vanilla Ice Cream.