Starting My Day Off with belvita and Saving as I do

****This post is sponsored by belVita, however, the views and opinions expressed here are my own as well as the content and pictures.

 belvita has been making morning meals easy and plus with Walmart and ibotta I also saved on my belvita purchases!

Breakfast can make or even break the tone of your day, just by affecting your energy and concentration levels! Did you know that some experts say that breakfast is one of if not the most important meal of your day? So much so there are websites about this?

If you check out the packages of belVita breakfast biscuits their packages say by fitting belvita into a daily routine when combined as a balanced meal with fruit and dairy you can have up to 4 hours of sustainable energy! Plus with ibotta you can save at Walmart on those purchases!

I always knew breakfast was important, but I don’t think I knew it was that important. I know I am guilty way too many times of either skipping breakfast altogether or merely having a cup of Tea or Coffee.

I always had always found myself choosing sleep, commute time or even early start to the work day over breakfast, but with belvita I no longer have an excuse to skip breakfast, since I can take it easily on the go!

Though I do enjoy fruit and protein smoothies, I’ll be honest they take time and cleanup, I’m not much for protein bars as I haven’t found too many that I enjoy. So, when the opportunity to try belvita came along I and it being a New Year I wanted to give it a try.

What I’ve found is that with the great selection of breakfast biscuits, breakfast sandwich biscuits, their soft batch and their bits as well as so many varieties of flavors and being in easy grab and go packages I no longer found an excuse to miss breakfast, plus with the belvita bits make a great afternoon snack!

Though we’ve tried all the belvita products shown in the at home pics (not the Walmart in store pics) the Toasted Coconut Biscuits, the Strawberry Yogurt Sandwiches (hubby’s fav), the Dark Chocolate Cream Sandwiches (my favorite) as well as the Brown Sugar Cinnamon Bites have been our clear favorites.

A Walmart in our area not only has some great prices on belvita products, but they have a great selection as well. Each Walmart store may vary, but you can also save even more at Walmart on belvita with ibotta!

Plus, if you check out your nearest participating Walmart, they are having an in-store belvita event on Saturday January 7, 2017!
When you go make sure to use the ibotta to save even more!

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