Thank you all for your patience

Hello everyone!

I’m so sorry that it has been a long time no hear.  These past 4 months have been well rough and well honestly, have even tested me despite me being a glass is a half-full person.

From the ceiling collapsing in the upstairs middle room “aka” the cat’s room/dog-less sanctuary so to speak, my health scare while all the industrial fans and dehumidifier were here.

To one of my older rescue poochies Cancer diagnosis, subsequent surgery, so-so wait and see prognosis because of the Cancer grade and type.

To my spinal stenosis that kicked in worse than it has ever been from the furniture moving, laundry hauling up and downstairs, even more, lack of sleep in during the 10 months of our exchange student was here. 

You should have seen me urgently moving to another room all the Cat climbing towers that weigh 75-100 lbs. a piece, litter boxes, beds, toys, before that ceiling collapse!

And… on September 30th one of the GSD’s had an FCE (spinal stroke) and it appears to a complete one as she is now paraplegic.    Things were touch and go So between appointments for her, ordering supplies, cleaning her and up after her, moving her (yeah, she’s 69 lbs. so back isn’t too happy)

Also, a friend confirmed what I knew over a year ago, but she and her doctor claim no, it turns out she does indeed have bc and it pisses me off that should have been diagnosed sooner, thankfully she has a better set of doctors. 

I’m not trying to seem pity party, as It’s not me, not even with all the childhood stuff I’ve been through, going through treatment for C as a teen, I am thankful for all I have and am blessed and know that there is always something to be thankful for.

By the way, I didn’t change my background to this blank background, I had logged on and who knows what happened to the template, oh well, I’ve been looking at new ones anyway, lol.

So, I’m going to be a bit slow getting back into everything, as I am still navigating life with a paraplegic dog, but I haven’t stopped blogging.

I hope you all had a great Summer and are enjoying Fall.   Anyone have a chance to take a fun trip, enjoy some much-needed me-time or hit a goal you’ve been working on? 

Wishing you all a wonderful week, thank you for your support and as always for stopping by.

Take care, be well and please remember to be kind,

Missy ❤️️

Derma E Savings


Hi everyone, hope your new year is off to a great start.   Can you believe Summer is nearly over already? 😲

Let’s talk about that often-dreaded task: MOVING...

For military personnel and military families, it is about that time of year again or maybe it's just time for a change or you find yourself relocating for a job, either way, it is often a stressful task.

We all know though the change is often exciting, but, when you have children as well as pets it can be even more stressful.  So today I am going to share somethings that have made doing so a bit smoother, at least for us.  

Please understand I’m NOT at all saying that Pcs-ing/relocating/moving isn’t stressful, because honestly even though I’ve moved at least 20+ times in my lifetime and NO I am not exaggerating sadly! It is a stressful time, but there are some things I’ve found if I do ahead of time, do make the whole process easier. 

Whether it be personal move, relocation, partial ditty, or PCS, it can be a crazy time, whether it’s a few cities over, across the country or out of the country it’s bottom line it's stressful.

If you relocate a bit for your work or you PCS, I’ve found keeping a journal with my lists of things to do, things to pack, things to get copies of before you move, what utility accounts to shut off or have moved to the new location, plus a note to remind me to put a change of address in with the postal service as well as all bank and credit accounts. 

Plus, in this journal, I log if a utility required any type of deposit, as some do, depending on area or state, even when you have good credit! So, if you make note of that right when you start the account, you’ll remember to contact them to request any deposit or money they may owe you.

Now there have been several people say to me, oh moving for you all (military families) is so easy, they do everything for you! Ha Ha Ha Ha...Well…. It’s not true and honestly, it can be even more stressful than a personal move and I’ve done both, so I do know. 

Sure, they usually move you, however, we’ve often had very short orders, like we’re talking less than a week!!  Plus, sometimes, crap goes wrong and I mean WRONG!

There have been times the moving estimator doesn’t show up, we’ve had Packers not show up or show up a day or two late! We’ve had items that were poorly packed, thrown around, dropped, heck we’ve had one small item packed in a dish pack box with a freaking ton of dish pack wrap just so they could add to the weight of the load! 

I’ve had packers that, I kid you not, went through all my stuff, took pictures of things she liked and texted them to her friends or called her friends on her cell phone to ask them what they thought about an item, to no surprise sadly several of those items never made it into the box and were never seen again! 

We’ve had Packers or unloaders who showed up so hungover, just wreaking from booze and spending the entire time in one of our bathrooms barfing, yes barfing! Some people say, well you can always file a complaint or a claim.  Sure, but that process is so bad, it’s easier to often just let it go!

If your move is all done by your job or the military, most moves will go smoothly, but you must know something may get broken, lost or even stolen.

One of the best pieces of advice I can offer is that if you are able to, be home the entire time your household goods are being packed up and if possible, have a family member, a friend or two with you so you can casually check on the progress or situation.

If you have little children, you may want to have a sitter handy or have your children stay with a trusted friend, for safety, plus let’s be honest, it’s not only going to be a long day but a boring day, especially for the little ones!

***If you have pets, you defiantly want to have them safely in a yard, a room that is off-limits to movers, for their safety as well as the safety of the movers and packers. Remember this is a stressful time for pets as well. 

What we do is have the cats in a room with all the stuff we have set aside that we are taking with us and not having the movers pack.

The dogs we set them up in our yard or if you can take your dog to a trusted friend or doggie daycare or a kennel. Believe me, we’ve had the movers let our dogs out of the yard before, so whatever you can do to keep your pets safer, you want to do it.  Plus, I've heard of horror stories of animals getting packed up by movers and the movers packing them up in the box, loading them in the moving truck and no the outcome wasn't good at all!   

If you have movers moving you, even if you don’t have pets, you still most likely have items you’d rather the movers not pack.  whether it be for personal reasons like sentimental or maybe it’s something of value or something you’ll need during your move or need right away as soon as you get to your next location.  The best thing I’ve found is to have a closet or room with a sign clearly marked DO NOT ENTER, DO NOT PACK, etc. This has worked out well for us, except one time when a packer wanted to be nosey and rifle through the stuff in that room, to include the luggage.  Plus, having a designated area like this can be a great central location to keep important papers, maybe a document safe, small gun safe, medications, luggage, toiletries, toys or DVD’s for the kids, necessities for your pets, plus snacks and beverages for your trip.

I’ll be honest, at least for me, even the few times that I've fully trusted our movers, packers, etc., It still felt like it's a bit of a violation, after all, they are rifling through all yours and your families’ belongings! So, this makes it a bit easier all around.

Though it’s not required, I do find that it helps with the productivity if you provide things like water, sodas, sandwiches or a pizza for lunch, even if it’s just on the last day, plus, it always seems to be appreciated. 

Another thing I do to make our moves easier is to try and keep things in the refrigerator so that you can make easy meals or snacks out of.  I've found it’s a great way to eat healthier, it just makes it so much easier at the end of a long day to have that quick meal. 

Plus, if you have items that are easily stored or can easily be packed up in an ice chest you can always take the rest with you as a part of your road food!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you find a tip or two helpful.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your week,


Meatless Meal Ideas

Though it is Tuesday I still wanted to share some of my favorite meatless meal ideas...I am a Flexitarian and I have a passion for Meatless Mondays, though I am pretty much on my own in my household, I am still able to sneak in more vegetables or Meatless meals in here or there sometimes without detection, lol.... 

Having a meatless meal, doesn't me you have to go without Protein, some great ways to add Protein are Protein Powders such as, Brown Rice, Hemp, Pea  I even add Protein Powders to my baked goods or Overnight Oats to bulk them up a bit as well as for the added nutrition, other ways you can add Protein are Beans, Quinoa, Farro, Amaranth,  Lentils, Tofu, Tempeh Hummus,  Green Peas, Artichokes,  Spinach, Chia Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Nut Butters,Vegi Burgers (Beyond Meat's Beyond Burger is tasty!)  and more!

Do you or you and your family do meatless Mon, or are Flexitarian, Vegitarian or Vegan, if so where do you turn for your favorite recipes?

Meatless Mon, used to be a regular thing, but then a Marketing firm told me to drop it, but I'm bringing it back as it was really popular.

Hope you enjoy and thank you for stopping by,

Missy ♥️

Sovereign Colostrum -LD Review and Giveaway (79.95 value) Ends 3/7/19

***Missy was not monetarily compensated for this review and was sent a package of the Colostrum-LD from Sovereign Laboratories for review purposes.  My thoughts and opinions, good, bad or somewhere in between are my own and solely based on my experience with a product or service.

***Hi everyone, sorry, yes you are seeing this post again.  I originally tried to share a few weeks back however it was during the time many were being caught in big snow storms, without power, internet, etc and several messages had come in that I hold off in order for people to be able to access the giveaway as many were having trouble.  So, here it's a quick one and please not the new end date is March 7th, 2019 and was a change from the Feb date.  Thank you for stopping by today, have a great weekend and good luck!

Those of you who follow along on my blogs or social media know, but if you are new (welcome, it's good to have you) I have suffered digestive issues since I was a child.  I was diagnosed with both a leaky gut as well as a Duodenal Ulcer when I was 8 yrs old and with Diverticulitis as a teen.  

Now things haven't all been a pain in my gut or a pain in my ass (sorry just had too 
💩)  Sometimes I've actually gone months without any issues or at least no big issues, however, when my leaky gut is and or ulcer are bad, it can be impossible to sleep even.  As a Flexitarian, I do try to be mindful of what I eat, a lot of the time I eat more on the side of Vegetarian as this is what works for my body. 

Now let me get this out of the way before someone sends me hate messages yes I was a really strict and Cruelty-Free Vegan for several years and for issues that it brought on Flexitarian has just been better for my body.  It has nothing to do contrary to what some people feel about my love for all animals and not just pets.  I have personally risked my life many a time to rescue, and even rehabilitate wild animals, as well as livestock and I, am against inhumane farming, there is no excuse for it!  

Ok, now that is out of the way... As I was saying I have gone months without much as far as symptoms.  But if I happen to get a bout of food poisoning or have to do a round of steroids or like recently I required a large dose of IV steroids in the ER for severe anaphylaxis, then in spite of being mindful or making sure I take probiotics, my gut goes back to not being a happy gut, in fact a really unhappy gut!

So in early January, I was sent this Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum-LD Instant Colostrum Powder for review and it couldn't have come at a better time as a few days later before I had started the Colostrum-LD I had gone to the ER for the anaphylaxis.  Having Asthma nearly all my life I am no stranger to steroids, however, since I rebounded 4 times in the ER I was given a crap ton dose of a steroid.  I swear it took 9 days before I felt like me again for 1 day at least.

 After the 9th day, on day 10 my gut was messed up and a bout of diverticulitis was about to happen, I am pretty tough with a high pain threshold, but the pain from these two was even pushing my limits!  

Worried I would just make everything worse, as I had never even heard of Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum -LD, but I am glad I did, in fact, give it a try.  Though it took 3 days before I noticed a difference I did notice a difference.

3 Days after starting the Colostrum-LD was the day I really noticed as it was the first time I wasn't uncomfortable all night with a painful gut and by 5th day of use my diverticulitis pain was finally lessening and I was nearly back to being regular (sorry about the TMI).

I really wasn't sure what to expect, the Sovereign Laboratories Colostrum-LD powder does come in original and Vanilla and I was provided with the original and to my surprise, it tastes like powdered milk (military dfac days, lol) or non-fat milk.  I do recommend that you either use cold water or chill it if you are going to drink it alone.  

Colostrum-LD they say to take on an empty stomach,   it can be taken with water I added it to a shaker bottle, but I do recommend chilling it or using chilled water, plus you can be added and according to the directions they say don't mix with an acidic beverage such as coffee or juice.  


I do wish you could add it to coffee or tea as I think this would make it easier to consume on the go, and it can be pricey but for me, the results have been worth it, at this point after seeing for myself the results I can see having this on hand.  I really wished I had started the Colostrum-LD much sooner, it may have lessened the duration of the recovery from the steroids.  

Per packaging:

The Sovereign Laboratories Difference

Colostrum-LD is:

*SGS/cGMP, Kosher and Halal Certified
*Clinically-Tested to contain the highest content of 20 major components
*Liposomal delivery protects & enhances absorption of bioactives

Is made in the USA

Now for the Giveaway!!  1 Winner will receive a 12 oz Bag of Sovereign's Colostrum-LD in a 12 oz bag and that is a $79.95 value!!

Thank you to the giveaway sponsor

***Winner will have 48 hours to respond to email and provide necessary information in order to claim the prize. Blogger is not responsible for prizing, the prize will be provided by Sovereign Laboratories or their representative. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

*This giveaway is in no way endorsed, affiliated, or associated with, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other Social Media Networking Site.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration

**Before taking any supplements or anything really and especially if your pregnant, nursing or may become pregnant or have a pre-existing medical condition or are on any medications please consult your Doctor.  I am not a Doctor, nor a representative of Sovereign Laboratories, I am merely a blogger that has been provided this product for review and are giving my thoughts based on my health and experience with this product!**

*Thank you, Sovereign Laboratories and their Marketing firm for the review product and sponsoring this giveaway!

Trends This New Year: Handcrafted Wooden Watches by JORD (Plus $100 e-Gift Giveaway) Ends Feb 20, 2019

** Missy was not monetarily compensated for this review.  I was provided a Jord Wood Watch for review; however, my views and opinions are my own and are solely based good or bad on my or our experience with a product or service.

Hello everyone, hope your New Year is off to an amazing start!  Today I am excited to share with you a product review that I have truly enjoyed as the subject of this review has long held a place in my heart.  

That subject is watches, Jord recently reached out and asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of their watches. Now I'm about to get a bit nostalgic... My love of watches and clocks goes back to my childhood when my great grandfather was still alive.  You see, my great grandfather had a love for timepieces, from grandfather clocks, cuckoo clocks, pocket watches and especially wrist watches.  My great grandfather loved the sound the movements made and how the hands would sweep across the face to the crystal that covered that face. I had never seen a watch or clock great grandfather didn't like until digital watches came out!  

I remember, my great grandfather was the one who showed me how to tell time and the reason he didn't care for digital watches or clocks, because to him a watch should be able to be an heirloom, one that you can pass down to your children, grandchildren or even great-grandchildren.   He said these types of watches are crafted with passion and by actual craftsmen.

Now I've seen and had even purchased a wooden watch, years ago, however despite the cost the quality really wasn't there.  So honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect, when Jord had reached out, but I am glad I accepted as their watches have completely changed my views on a wooden wristwatch.

Jord Luxury Wood Watches are handcrafted heirloom quality timepieces!  We're not talking about a watch that was merely sent to me we are talking about a handcrafted timepiece that was even sized to fit me.

So, if you are in the market for a timepiece or one shopping for one that is a unique gift, Jord Watches offers a great selection from classic to modern, even a few in between, as well as engravable pieces.

Jord Watches makes it easy to buy for oneself or as a unique gift because they are handcrafted and have a beautiful selection of woods they work with.  

Jord Watches have also provided me with a link for a giveaway they are having for $100.00 e-Gift to use on their site.   

Now for that Giveaway!
**Open to 18yrs old and over, Jord ships worldwide and Giveaway ends Feb 20, 2019

**Blogger is not responisble for prizing, as it is solely provided by Jord Watches

Enter Giveaway Here:

Thank you for stopping by today, take care and have a wonderful weekend,   Missy 💖