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I hope your all having a safe and great weekend. I’m sorry I haven’t been around this week, have a new rescue foster and it’s really been a rough week, poor pup is sick, which has meant I haven’t been sleeping, usually it’s just the first night or two at most with a new foster, but poor pup isn’t wasn’t socialized and she’s not feeling well, I’m up with her every few hours, so my brain is a bit foggy, lol.

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Summer Reads

I've loved a good book since I was young, yeah sure I love all the usual as a child, but once I read my first choose your own adventure book, I really started to enjoy reading, from there I found mysteries, then thrillers, horror, and hauntings. Sure I love poetry, literature, historical and more, but whatever the genre it must be engaging or I'm on to the next one. Yes, I was the child that loved having to do book reports for school as well as those Summer reading challenges! lol Yes, I admit, not only am I a closet nerd, goofball, beauty product junkie, I'm a closet bookworm too! lol

Reading can take you somewhere for just a moment, be a great break or a great way to unwind and relax and I feel reading to a child is really important. My ex-husband said my step-daughter does really well in school and to this day is an avid reader and credits me for it, my late grandmother read to me daily as a child, not only do I love books because of it I overcame a speech impediment too!

I've included some great reads from my favorite authors as well as some books that look like they'd be great Summer reads.

What is on your Summer reading list? Who are your favorite authors? or What is on your must read list?

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My favorite fun Mystery Writer, is Cleo Coyle her mysteries are fun to read, engaging and you'll want more, plus if you head over to her website, she always has yummy recipes

Coffee House Mystery

Cleo Coyle Recipes

Village Blend Jazz Space

One of my fav stops to find a great book is Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book:

Kindle books:

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Impressive Pair of Pruning Shears-Gelindo Pruning Shears


Gelindo Pruning Shears

I enjoy gardening and flower gardening, it’s something my late grandmother instilled in me at a very young age.

I love, growing from seeds, saplings and more, I even shop garden centers for discounted plants that they are about to greatly reduce or toss out, because I often am able to save them and have them flourish. Now prior to the last 5 years we had lived in our home 2 ½ years before we had to relocate. In that 2 ½ years I had set up in a yard of nearly nothing a beautiful flower garden, lovely Evergreens, a couple of Pines, a Magnolia, several Hydrangeas, 7 Roses and more, but once we had to relocate we had to rent our home. Our first renters, were awesome, our last set, it was a disaster, home was trashed, lawns were dead, whole trees missing out of our yard, tons of dead plants, bushes and more, so needless to say cleanup was a heck of a task, but unfortunately we moved back in Winter so I was unable to do any pruning in fear I damage what few plants, trees and bushes that were left, since it was winter and we live in a snow state.
So when I was contacted by Gelindo about trying out their Pruning Shears I was excited, after all I had tons of cleanup and pruning to do, but I also remembered how many pairs of shears I had gone through over the years, so I refused to get my hopes up.
Some shears I’ve had and even currently have, even some of the pricy ones I’ve had are tough to handle, don’t cut well, smash the stems or branches hurt the hand while trying to prune even the smaller stuff, so they often end up being a big fail! Boo! So as you may guess I really wasn’t expecting a whole lot from these. Well… I’m happy I was wrong in doubting, these have been so impressive that even my husband likes them and even he was impressed how easily and smoothly these prune!

Now, honestly these Gelindo Pruning Shears did concern me as they are a bit heavier than some I’ve owned or do own, but once in use, I didn’t even notice the weight, as they felt very balanced in the hand.
Some of the things I really liked about these Gelindo Pruning Shears is:
They are very well made
Very Sturdy
Cut beautifully, smoothly and fairly effortlessly even some of the bigger stuff as seen in my pictures.
They have a non-stick blade and even the sap from the Pines came off fairly easily.
I found I was even able to use these in my left hand and I had surgery in my left hand years ago, so I had arthritis in the hand and less strength in it, yet I was still easily able to use.
I found I even appreciated the grip on these
I really like the lock on these, as it slides into place easily and locks securely.

The only thing I wish was different, is I do with these came with some sort of case, that is how nice these are, they are deserving of a case!! Lol

It would be great to see Gelinido offer these in a longer handled version, so it would be easier to access taller branches.
Gelindo Pruning Shears feature:
- High quality carbon SK-5 steel blade that doesn't need constant sharpening.
- Ratchet design with a spring-loaded mechanism for effortless cutting.
- Non-stick Teflon coating that prevents rust and keeps blade sap-free.
- Safety lock that can be disengaged with a single hand.
- Thermoplastic rubber handles for supreme comfort.
- LIFETIME WARRANTY: 100% worry-free replacement guarantee

These great shears can be found:

*****Though I was provided this product for a review, my thoughts and opinions are my own. I’ve done secret shopping, product testing as well as reviews for over 15 years and I will not give anything other than an honest review and only for items I have tried! ****


Father's Day Gift Ideas

Wow, is it me or this year flying by?? Can you believe the Summer is upon us and so is Father's Day? Well, here are some Father's Day gift ideas, I've found.

Unique Gits:

Gifts for the Sports Fan:

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Subscription Gifts:

Dollar Shave Club, Gifts can be purchased in options of 3, 6, or 12 month, plus they Dollar Shave Club says that they're promising orders through our website that are purchased by the end of the day tomorrow (6/11/16) to arrive before Father's Day (APO addresses will certainly run late as it is shipped overseas) Dollar Shave Club can be found here:

Dollar Shave Club has also teamed up with Sephora and Sephora's online team is offering this gift set which you can find here:

Foodie Gifts:

Hawaii Coffee Company


Meatless Monday Ideas #2

The ideas from Meatless Monday # 1 seem to be a hit with friends, readers and us, so i thought I sould do another one. Like I mentioned in Meatless Monday #1 we are not a vegitarian or vegan family, howver I'm always looking to add to our "Meatless Monday" ideas, especially with Summer upon us. I'm more of a Poultry, Fish and Seafood person, however I do love many roasted, grilled vegitables, fruit, and I love my grains and pasta, but hubby is Meat and Potaotes so to speak, if I'm going to go meatless on him the dish better be hearty and not lack protein! otherwise I here "Wheres the Protein?" lol

There are several great products though I really like and have been able to fool him with in the right dish. A couple of my favorite brands are Beyond Meats and MorningStar Farms.

With Beyond Meats my favorite product is their Beefy Crumble as well as their; Feisty Crumble and Italan Meatballs (yes, this Hawaiian-Italian has used these! don't tell hubby, lol)

My longtime favorite from MorningStar Farms is their; Griller Crumbles, Grillers Prime Burgers.

Both Beyond Meats and MorningStar Farms offer a variety of products though.

I so have to take pictures, but some of my favorite ways to use Beyond Meat Italian Meat Balls is with Spaghetti Squash and Maranara Sauce and one of my favorite ways to use MorningStar Grillers Prime is with our favoite Aoli or Teriyaki Sauce, a Grilled Pineapple slice, Cheese on a Kings Hawaiian bun, yum!

Here are a few Meatless meal ideas I've recently found online.

Don't forget to include pinit.js once (and only once) per page!

Do you follow "Meatless Monday" or are you Vegitarian or Vegan? What are some of your favorites? (No hating please)

Some Beach Bag Ideas


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RECALL: Tommee Tippee Sippee Spill-Proof Cups

RECALL: Tommee Tippee Sippee Spill-Proof Cups

Little Stinker

The warmer weather, not only means the Sun shining, flowers blooming, backyard BBQ’s, Camping, Hiking, early morning walks and more, but it can mean for a very stinky situation for your pet and well you!

I’m not talking about your dog’s corn chip smelling feet (you know they do! Lol) and no I’m not talking how our Pug mix, lovingly jumps on your lap for love and as he’s departing, leaves a silent, yet violent stinky puff with you and then looks back at you like “What??” I’m talking about Skunking; you know your beloved furbie getting perfumed by that cute furry friend of Pepe!

If you like us and live in a wooded area, in a rural area or just close to wildlife or maybe you’re out camping, hiking and such, it’s going to happen at some point and Yes it can happen in late Winter or early Spring, however they are more active this time of year.

Now, I don’t leave any food outside, our pets are in at night, our garbage is secure outside, yet it still happened! Now I grew up spending my Summers on a farm, so I wasn’t shocked, nor was I freaking out, because well, Stink happens, (sorry I just had too! Lol)

Now from what I have been told by different vets, for most pets other than the smell it’s fairly harmless, however you should still contact your veterinarian if it happens.

1) Your pet may require a Rabies booster even already vaccinated pets if there is a possibility of your pet has been bit or injured.

2) Being sprayed can cause ulcerations to the eye and mouth area if your pet was sprayed in the face, plus can cause temporary blindness.

3) Some pets become anemic after being sprayed which can be fatal to your pet.

4) Spraying can cause some animals to have seizures, especially if your pet has had seizures in the past.

Now, sometimes your pet getting sprayed can happen in the wee hours or over a weekend or holiday and well anytime, so you may not be able to contact your vet until next business day, if there is a serious issue with your pet contact your local emergency vet for advice and they can advise you if something is an emergency or not.

Ok, so when two of our dogs got sprayed while out for an early morning piddle, I of course was on my own, since hubby was TDY. I had to run out in the yard at 1:30 am and well, defuse the situation, why you ask?

1) Well the Skunk wouldn’t leave the yard, not even when I turned on the hose and sprayed it, the bugger wanted to stay and keep spraying!!

2) Our Newfie mix kept growling it and got sprayed, lovely, did I mention it was late winter when this happened and 28 degrees out?? Lol

3) Our Aussie, who is our Newfie’s bff and would probably give her life to protect him even though he is twice her size, ran over started growling and barking before I could stop her so of course she got sprayed, not once but twice in the freaking face, neck area, damn those stinkers re-load quick!

Well, on the second spraying I got sprayed a bit since I was down wind, because I had ran out with a broom to try and separate the skunk from our Aussie since she was on the ground and starting to have seizures, because she got it bad! Oh, did I mention these buggers can spray like 10 feet away!!

Finally, the stinker ran off after it met with this now a sleep deprived protective doggie mom, armed with a hose and broom which I was using to shoo it away with or maybe it figured it caused enough mayhem from 1:30 am to 2:15 am maybe it’s time to go or maybe it just needed to go off somewhere and re-load! I’ll never know, but I’d like to think it knew it wasn’t a match for this doggie mom lol Anyway…. Here are some tips that have helped me over the years with this issue.

Now, remain calm, there isn’t a whole lot you can do, it’s kind of one of those things that happen and as bad as it may seem at the time you got this!

Act as soon as possible to start removing the “stink”! Skunk spray is kind of oily and from what I’ve been told it is even stronger than Pepper Spray!!

If it is at all possible keep these things handy in case, you need them to help de-skunk your pet.

1)Rubber gloves, I used dish gloves, because I had an extra pair on hand, but you could use latex also.

2)Change into old clothes and have old towels that you can throw away, because there is NO way you’ll want to keep them after your finished!

3)Hydrogen Peroxide 3 %

4)Baking soda (I swear is it me of is this good for nearly anything?)

5)Original formula Dawn dish soap (because it helps to breakdown the oil in skunk spray and this is the formula they use on animals during oil spill rescues)

6)Dog or Puppy shampoo, I use an Oatmeal natural formula

7)Sterile eye wash, you don’t have to get brand name just ask the pharmacist or your vet

8)Large plastic bowl, container or a cleaning bucket

If you can get help with all this, it would be awesome, if not you can do it!

First, try and examine your pet for any bites or wounds, those need to be reported to your vet, since your pet may require a Rabies booster.

I mixed a solution of:

½ cup of Baking Soda

about 1 oz. of the Peroxide

2-3 capfuls or tablespoons of the Dawn dish soap

Be sure not to get this mixture in your pet’s mouth or eyes!! Only use the eye wash on their eyes.

Now I had lightly rinsed my dog off first so I would be able to lather this mixture in their fur, since both of these dogs have heavy coats. What I did was work into a lather on their coats, I let it sit for about 5 mins, rinsed all the solution out and repeated with the solution than I finished with the Puppy shampoo, rinsed then towel dried.

Now for one of the dogs this pretty much worked, but for our Aussie, she still smelled pretty bad on day 2 even. So I found:

Natures Miracle Skunk Odor Remover which did the trick!

There are a few items on the market that can assist with removing, more like lessoning the smell for fabrics, like carpet, sure they work alright, but honestly they can only do so much, but they do really help, in fact it saved me from throwing out a rug and a couple of dog beds, one of the ones I liked the best was:

Now, our yard is fully fenced, however there are some small gaps along the bottom on the Greenbelt side, so a product I found that has worked really well for us was to deter these critters is:

Hopefully you found this post helpful and I truly hope you’ll Never need it!

Thank you for stopping by and have a great evening,

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